Who we are

Control Systems

Integrating technology into your daily life can be challenging. We are here to make that transition as smooth as possible. We have learned through the years that each user needs the ability to control their system the way their mind works. 

System Design

Our mission is to build a system that is both reliable and easy to use. In order to achieve this properly we have no limitations of the electronics that we use. If it fits the requirements we use it. We do not use something close so we can make an extra buck. This is truly the only way to ensure a stable system.

Advanced Audio Video Lighting Design

We have spent over 50 combined years solving problems with technology. This requires an undying love for dreaming and implementing complex systems. Our engineering team meets for every job to properly vet the system against the clients expectations. Doing this allows technicians and engineers to share their experiences with any products or situations that apply so that we may find the most effective way to meet or even surpass expectations.